Feature Films

Select recent releases as A or B cam primary focus puller. For Dailies and additional films, see the about page for CV.


Trick or Treat (2019)

Dir: Ed Boase
DoP: Maeve O’Connel

A-Cam 1st AC

Alexa Mini - Zeiss Ultra Primes - Steadicam


Rizen: Possession (2019)

Dir: Matt Mitchell
DoP: Jamie Burr

A-Cam 1st AC

Sony F55 - Zeiss Standard speeds - Steadicam


Chinatown Cannon (2018)

Dir: Frank Huang
DoP: Rob Wilton

B-Cam 1st AC

Alexa Mini - Angineux Optimo - Crane


Are we dead yet? (Coming soon)

Dir: Freddie Nwaka
DoP: Jeff Owusu

A-Cam 1st AC

Alexa SXT - Zeiss Ultra Primes - Dolly